The Birth of God

by practicalspactical

To Be is to Be Perceived. 

Or rather, To Be Said to Be Is to Be Percieved; 

Or modally, To Be Is to Be Perceivable by Perceivers; 

To Be Is to Perservere


Some have described Beings as Thought Thinking Itself. Signal and Receiver. Made from Matter. Lightning. Lightning across and through the salt water of our blood.

We are Ocean and we are Lightning, Walking Where We Will. 

We are the Water, and we are the Air, and We are the Earth, and We are the Fire. 

And the last. The Quintessence. 

The Attribute of Existing. 


That Which Allows Being — 

The Necessary — 


And to think — thought, thinking, organizing, looking at the crawling creeping of all the beasts of the earth and the all the monsters of the sea — added and subtracted, and organized and categorized, and placed their lightning in channels and recording the thunder of that lightning on stone and bark and in the vibrating air of their singing — held — ephemeral – and then imprinted in the earthwaterfire of the Others — 

and came to rest, at last, upon the Necessary — 

Not the world. Not the creation. But the necessary. 

And named the Necessary — God. Man found God in a Garden, and Walked With Him, and Learned to Hear His Speech. 

The Great Translation of the Word of God 


There can be only One God because there is only One Necessary. The Necessary is In All Things, and Makes All Things, but It is Not All Things — 

Whether to worship the Necessary is a choice. It is hard & painful to worship the Necessary, and w/ the Last Temptation of Christ, we are given a choice — we are given the False, we are given the Dream, we are given the Imagined — 

and thus, every one, each to each, who worships Heaven or who worships Bearded Ancients, or Imperious Faces, who believes in Speaking Donkeys and Resurrections — they worship False Idols. 

There is no proof of the Necessary, and there is endless Proof. But we go through this world secretly in the Dark — in the Dark of our skepticism, in the Dark of the Abyss between the Real and our Perceptions — never knowing for sure — 

we can cross the abyss — easily — 

but we must choose to cross it. 


The world is worth nothing if it is False. 

It is worth everything if it is Real. 

In the Garden, before we ate the Tree called Doubt, before we reached for song and metaphor and tale and myth, before we fell in with Liars and Cheats — we never doubted. 

But when the doubt came, the answer had to come. Answers upon answers. The False World of the Gnostics. Of the Indians. The idea that all these constructs and edifices, these artifices, are false — 

Apollo is a lie. He is the Son of Morning. 

The true god is the Necessary Truth, the Foundational Real.