The influence of gaslight or electric light on the growth of paraheliotropic trees

bonebrushing the edges of the res interna (upper transcend)

Month: June, 2015

June 18

Thursday, June 18, 2015. I have been alive for 12,049 days, though, of course, I do not remember all of them.

There are a handful of writings over the past year. But not many. A year of silence. Hmm.

I fell in love with a new woman last year, and today, I love her still. She is strong, and she is beautiful, and she is fierce, and she is sensitive, and she is funny, and she is smart, and she has strong childbearing hips.

I turn 33 on Monday.


For Daisy: 

and what she said, to him, in his bed, when she said she did not want it to be casual, was, really, “do you think you could love me?” and what he said, when he said, “there is nothing casual about it,” was “Yes.”