etymology of change

change = that which separates physics from metaphysics.

“Natural things are some or all of them subject to change” – Aristotle’s Physics  (I.2, 185a12-13).

From Old French, changier, from Late Latin, Cambiare, from Latin cambire, to exchange or barter or trade — from Proto Indo European kamb, to bend or crook —

change is genesis, genesis impossible, since what is cannot come to be since it already is, and what is not cannot become what is says Parmenides. But Aristotle changes and says not — from where does he say it — who is thinker and who is the thought? —

Change = subject, form, and lack. Subject gains the form and loses the lack. Subject gains the lack and loses the form.

but look, there is substantial failures of Ari Tottle’s Meteph Isiks, since there is no such thing as categories or forms — not in a real sense, not in an actual sense, these are illusory constructs, virtual, effects of lower-level processing — the world is information, atoms carrying information, and information is a message and messages change, that is their purpose, and What looks like A Static Universe is actually a Dynamic Universe, the stillness of the rock obscures the vibrations of tetrillion little strings, playing in higher harmonies perceivable only by a Constructive God —

Change is the rule, and Stasis, Being, Form, merely Contingent Illusions soon to pass away.

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