The influence of gaslight or electric light on the growth of paraheliotropic trees

bonebrushing the edges of the res interna (upper transcend)

Month: April, 2010


Shasu —

Shasu is an Egyptian word for pastoral nomads who appeared in the Levant from the fifteenth century BCE all the way to the Third Intermediate Period. The name evolved from a transliteration of the Egyptian word š3sw, meaning “those who move on foot”, into the term for Bedouin-type wanderers. The term first originated in a fifteenth century list of peoples in Transjordan. It is used in a list of enemies inscribed on column bases at the temple of Soleb built by Amenhotep III. Copied later by either Seti I or Ramesses II at Amarah-West, the list mentions six groups of Shashu: the Shasu of S’rr, the Shasu of Lbn, the Shasu of Sm’t, the Shasu of Wrbr, the Shasu of Yhw, and the Shasu of Pysps.


PROBLEM: I get bored.

We stand upon the edge of a great precipice

** squawk ** ** bleep ** “We stand upon the edge of a great precipice…” ** a black and white television clicks on ** “We  stand upon the edge …” ** squawk ** the channel changes ** “We stand upon the edge of a great precipice” ** squawk bleep beep ** I sit in front of it ** time-lapse ** I was not in this room, I was in some other room ** smaller ** a different city ** higher ceilings ** “We stand upon the edge of a” ** I sit in a Starbucks window and watch people walk by ** It is a great city, New York, no matter what ** “We stand … ” *** I was elsewhere, once ** elsewhere again ** This moment ** ” … the edge” ** In the time lapse my beard appears and grows and recedes like the beaches of New Jersey ** squawk ** It is an old man, speaking ** He is the President of the United States ** It is a young man speaking. He is the President of the United States. ** It is a black man speaking. He is the President of the United States. ** I am a child, ten years old, November, I go down and turn on the television ** there is going to be a new President, it says ** “We stand upon the edge of a great precipice … ” *** I am three years old. My mother calls me and says “Josh, come watch the space shuttle take-off” *** squawk bleep squawk *** bombs go off in a jungle. I have not yet been born. *** the infinite past collapses *** squawk *** the infinite future collapses *** this moment is now *** no, this moment is now *** no, this moment is now *** I am the Salem Witch Museum, and Giles Corey is asking for more weight — my father says, “No, he was actually saying ‘Wait –” *** squawk *** It is two weeks ago — I am laying in my tent, high of cannabis butter, looking through the mesh at the bright country stars *** squawk *** I have not yet been born. It is a hundred thousand years ago. The land is silent. Naked men look up at the pinprick lights in the sky and wonder *** The Space Shuttle rises *** I am in a room — it is several years ago — I play a video of a speech — a man is saying that we are not Red States or Blue States *** right now, the real now (30 seconds ago) my ex calls. We fight about science & Larry Summers *** “We stand upon the edge of a great precipice” **  A television plays ** swim **

All My Ex’s

Listening to a song of the latest almost-ex, and looking at pics of the latest real ex, and she has another boyfriend now so I’m certainly an ex now, an ex-boyfriend, ex-lover, and time marches on — in an alternative universe I’m in New Haven now, handing her a ring — in an alternate universe, I’m married to the first one, with a child on the way, in an alternate universe I’m a vagabond in Greensboro, in an alternate universe I’ve been dead for seven years —

In this universe, the world of keys, I sit here, and flip through pictures, and listen to a song, and thing about locked drawers with frozen loving in them.

Things I’ll never know

JG, a young woman who likes me who I don’t like, probing at my writer’s dream, saying how will you write what you don’t know, and I say, I’ll make it up, and she says, really, like what’s it’s like to be a woman, to lose your virginity, to love a man —

And the Youtube image is of a man with a moustache walking, and the woman’s voice has a yearning in it, and the voice behind the trees whispers ‘your desire will be to your husband’ and there’s that but I don’t have it and I just sit here and think of the things I’ll never know.

To One Long in City Pent

To one who has been long in city pent,
‘Tis very sweet to look into the fair
And open face of heaven–to breathe a prayer
Full in the smile of the blue firmament.


A post is owed

to father and others — two coins under tongue to pay the tugman — Staten Island across the ferry — low flying in over New York harbor — guitarists on the plane with me — one healthy, one broken —

the thoughts of that still mull — epic and epochal — strange contingencies — the past is prologue — this was my prologue, I think, and think of how children necessarily steal the world from their fathers, smiling softly as we begin to care for them — not yet me, for sure, not yet him, I can care for no one, yet, and he is still in the fullness of his strength —

But one day —

This is not the post that is owed. This is just thoughts, not details, not life, not the true-built structure of memory — blood flows through those deep cathedrals and conjures up past times for me — it is magic — like the magic trick of appearing on a girl’s door with flowers — I made these appear

This is not the post that is owed. This is another post.

The turbulence of my ocean, in the morning, days later, but feels like weeks, unable to write, about to write, about to finish this law thing —

My mind is an ocean — sometimes the storms above betray the quiet below — sometimes the stillness above betray the storms below —

This is not the post that is owed. There will be another.

With Gravity’s Help, Cassini Puts On a Saturn Spectacular –

With Gravity’s Help, Cassini Puts On a Saturn Spectacular –

The Lost & Found Ipod Story Prompt

Idea for a Story: The prototype device lost in a bar. What’s it do? Who wants it back? Who goes where & when?

Waco Siege – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Waco Siege – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.