The Watcher and the World

by practicalspactical

Each of us has equal part of the eternal and the transitory — within each of us, the great life-force pulses, same force pulsing through everyone — and in each of us, is the unique, the contingent, the happenstance, the once-and-only — 

Siddhartha saw the transitory, and sought to escape it, and did. We all want to be on the side that’s winning. Simply side with the eternal, and denigrate the actual — joy on earth. 

We are the Watcher, and We are the World. At the last, the Watcher disappears, and only World remains. Since the Watcher is gone when the World remains, to us, it feels just like the death of everything.

But it is not the death of everything. It is the continuation of everything. Wild. Bright. Endless.