Grotesquerie: Man Carves Name in Woman’s Chest, Claims Consent

by practicalspactical

Police said he used a pocket knife to carve his name into the woman’s chest on the morning of February 19th. Lt. Jim Hutchins said, “They did find that he had carved, ‘I luv Mike Welliver,’ carved in with a heart.”

However Mike Welliver, 31, told News Center 7 that there is much more to the story.

Welliver said it was so crazy that he ended up with letters on his own chest. “I said no, stop. All she was doing was digging.”

His now former girlfriend ended up with the words “I luv Mike Welliver” cut into her chest. “After I did just the Mike part I was like, you know, do you want me to stop? She was like No. She was fine with it,” said Welliver.

In a jailhouse interview on Wednesday night, Welliver admitted to the chest carving, but said he should not be found guilty of assaulting the woman. He said a lot of what happened was fueled by stupidity and cocaine. “Now that I look at i, sitting here right now, if somebody asked me, I wouldn’t do it,” said Welliver. “That’s the whole part of this…. is cocaine. We were high out of our mings and things went crazy.”