Good v. Evil

by practicalspactical

Two friends.

One who was always careless about being good and doing the right thing, the ne’er-do-well, the Han Solo type, the cynic, the hedonist, who nevertheless through a series of setbacks and misadventures and surprises and discoveries uncovers a secret morality that he then becomes committed, inexplicably, to upholding —

And the other, his childhood friend, who had begun with an inner confidence and love of the world that revolved around being and thinking himself good, but yet, in order to advance his goals and maintain his position, comfort, and security, his morality becomes hollowed out and eventually, though he can never realize it, becomes a dry room filled with what is actually, on some higher viewer’s reflection, evil.

And the story that doesn’t look like the classic story of good v. evil, but eventually subtly becomes it — so that the reader says “What kind of story am I reading, here?” and the characters themselves begin to suspect that they are involved in some cosmic drama — and the horns of the dilemma — and their lost friendship — and having to choose a principle over a friend —