Pre-Conception (10,000 Days)

by practicalspactical

Pre-Conception (10,000 Days)

Twinkle In My Father’s Eye

Potentiation at the Meeting of My Mom and Dad

Story of My Mom and Dad’s Meeting

1. College Road Trip (I’m a college road trip.)
2. Randi follows Mike down to Florida for the winter vacation. (Who knows / who remembers what they did down there, who they talked to, what furtive breast-touching went on?)

3. Plans to Spend the Summer Together / Summer Plans of Two Youngsters Had my father dropped out of law school yet? No, no, no. (This was my dropping out of law school. What year was it? 1976? 1977?)

4. A phone call to my my mother, breaking up with her.
5. Dad got his law school grades – shit.
6. Dad smokes cigarettes. Dad flees law school. Dad works that summer at a JAG office in Georgia. Dad decides not to go back. WHAT DOES DAD DO INSTEAD? WHEN DOES HE SEE RANDI AGAIN?
7. Dad moves to Philadelphia and dates Randi.
8. Dad and Randi move to Oakland and bum around.
9. Randi decides to come-on-back to Philadelphia, and pulls Old Michael with her.
9.5. Dad and Mom get a dog in California named Art Deco.
10. Dad asks Mom to marry him.
11. They get married in a civil ceremony.
12. Dad and Mom move in to a small apartment.
13. Dad and Mom decide to have a child // what strange wonders went into that decision?? What??
14. Mom and Dad meticulously plan and practice for my conception.
15. Awash in all that love, the moment of my conception is unknown, forever and always a mystery, what Odin whispered into dead Baldur’s ear.