Erasmus on Being a Debbie Downer

by practicalspactical

Erasmus had something to say about always being a Debbie Downer. That was me, this afternoon, when Bumbleblue Bee told me her sister was engaged. I am very very very happy for Bee’s sister, I am, and I wish her great happiness and know she will get it, but such Great Momentous Events are too big for me to handle, to deal with —

I open my mouth and corpse-ash pours out — I cannot stop it up — I think Hamlet had something to say about that —

Oh, I am the Jesting Mourner, the Mourning Jester, I am Hamlet holding the Skull and I am the Skull in Hamlet’s Hand. This is that. Inhale. Exhale. Take in the world, then conquer it. Everything given must be returned. Games. Keep playing — serious serious games — the air of finality hangs over them — somehow I must take joy in their continuation without me — Oh — perhaps I did not live well enough or deep enough when I was a child — and I still neglect to live, scared of it, as I told Blue. Oh Blue, Oh Blue, Bumblebee Blue and Fumbleme You and Riddles and Skittles and Kalamazoo and viddles and middles and me and you too.

Bumblebee Blue went to Kalamazoo
For viddles and riddles and
me and you too