3. The Walk

by practicalspactical

Took a boat to Spain. Disembarked in view of Gibraltar. Began walking. Up the way of Hannibal. Past two mountains. Into the great valley. Green autumn woods. Cities. Roads. Disappear. Clocks run backwards. Differentiation falls away. Animals attend my trail. Suspicious watchings. Eyes blinking. Deer. Rabbits. Wolves. Once there were others, other speakers. Now I am alone. I speak to myself. To the animals. I name them. I am the first. I am the last. I am the watcher. My eyes encompass the forest. Beginning with my own body, my limbs, which I can feel, and then beyond, the world extends. One experience. I am Man. Being. Knowing. Knowing I walk, without knowing why.

I come to a crumbled snakeskin. I continue past it.