2. Hef and Hut

by practicalspactical

Hef and Hut sit down down to a tea party after twelve o’clock two, and flipbook through a picturegame of the Great Masters of Old 20th and make figurative small talk to each other while the time runs out.

Hef says “I like reds and blues” and

Hut says “I like greens and boxes”

Hef says “The rain grass is lovely”

Hut says “Swans all around”

Hef says “drops on a polychromatic slick dream”

Hut says “dream?”

Hef says “dream green dreams”

Hut says “trees?”

Hef says “very old, the oldest”

Hut says “change your eyes you’ll change the art”

Hef says “trade an ear for some eyeglasses?”

Hut says “broken lady down the stairs”

Hef says “knights in shining armor”

Hut says “ten indians in a row”

Hef says “custards’ last stand churns its own butter, with cows brought in from Ithaca”

Hut says “Penelope waits”

Hef says “who gives her pleasure?”

Hut says “I I never thought of that, forgot about her ladyparts”

Hef says “How can you forget, I’m master of revels”

Hut says “dance of the visible, ineluctable modalities”

Hef says “how do you remember that, Hutty?”

Hut says “prodigious memory or an angel touched my philtrum”

Hef says “After we are dead all will be remembered”

Hut says “You’ll sit with Jesus and I’ll sit with Mom”

Hef says “if it could only be”

Hut says “the weight of nothing”

Hef says “apophatic”

Hut says “what’s that button on your chestbump?”

Hef says “brandmark for the squashedbugs”

Hut says “squeaky voices cry out from the rocks?”

Hef says “old goatmaster is at the returns counter for store credit”

Hut says “gold melts down to lead cannot reverse the process”

Hef says “sure just play the tape backwards”

Hut says “cant”

Hef says “synapses?”

Hut says “know any jokes?”

Hef says “a fox burying his grandmother?”

Hut says “an old chestnut”

Hef says “dance of the sugarplums?”

Hut says “darwindance did it”

Hef says “hot potatoe”

Hut says “spelled wrong”

Hef says “nopenope”

Hut says “think so”

Hef says “should we go?”

Hut says “not going to play that game, we won’t”

Hef says “waiting for a bus to come”

Hut says “it comes, the schedules are printed”

Hef says “you can’t read in your dreams – wrong side of the bed”

Hut says “I don’t believe in brains. My thought proceeds by way of gravity forcing water through a sieve”

Hef says “equally plausible, granted, without finer instruments”

Hut says “the instruments are strong”

Hef says “which is essential, player or played?”

Hut says “riddles within riddles. brass or woodwind?”

Hef says “bassinets and oboes.”

Hut says “a superior ursus is dormant til post meridian”

Hef says “Ho, scaliwag, defend your post”

Hut says “the foundations are pegged in quicksilver mud”

Hef says “safe, quicksilver defies entropy”

Hut says “holy god of shortcuts”

Hef says “the shorter route”

Hut says “does it come?”

Hef says “no, it does not come, just death”

Hut says “what then?”

Hef says “darkness”

Hut says “what then?”

Hef says “darkness”

Hut says “afraid”

Hef says “just dreamless sleep”

Hut says “do trees dream?”

Hef says “green dreams”

Hut says “do trees dream?”

Hef says “green dreams.”