spheremusic pathway

by practicalspactical

After being thrown from the garden at midnight by two strong unseen hands, First Adam wakes to find himself shameful and covered, and looks over at Pretty Evey-baby, whose own figleaf wrapdress only serves to heighten his excitement; under an audience of starsouls shining ancient light, he rustles leaves and plows a furrow and plants two seeds; a gasp and a smile and then a premonition of mortality shakes through Kadmon like a windstorm.

Afterwards, sitting on a hard rock, glumly looking at his helpmate sleeping, thinking back to that applebrandy she’d made for him (had he asked her to do it, he couldn’t remember now, that didn’t sound like something he would do), that forbidden fruit from Etz HaDa’at, No-Longer Kadmon, Simply Madam I’m Adam now, looks out at the long dark cursed land, undone, unmade, no cities, no streets or roadsigns, and thinks of all the work him and his mewlings have yet to do.

He looks back eastward one last time-like, towards Edenville 001, the Old Happy Haunting Grounds, (walking in a dark leafy garden, always feeling like some great raincloud was glancing over his shoulder, whispering at him in capital letters); he can just make out the luminous fireglow that sits between the legs of two mountains framing the pass.

You can’t go backwards, A.K. muses, only frontwards, and he thinks of the reluctant dirt waiting his still soft hands. He thinks of a bed he’ll one day lie in. First time ever, he sits awake all night, first ever insomniac, looking at Eveybaby and crying without a reason.