Broadbacked Citybuilder

by practicalspactical

Everyone seems to misread Plato, taking his Republic for fact when in fact it is fancy, a gedankenexperiment, and what does he build, the broad-shouldered one, after chasing Homer and the honeyless drones from the city?

What is justice, Broadback? Just doing what you do, babyface, do what you do, and don’t do what you don’t do, there ain’t nothing to it; let the trader trade, and the guardian guard, and the ruler rule, and all will be well.

But here are some others, dispensed with by So Crates:

Definition 1: Returning debts.

Giving everybody their just deserts, good to your friends, and ill to your enemy. Socrates disagrees, however, that the just man would do harm to their enemies.

There is more and more of this, but let’s go here to the problem of the Universal Immortal Soul:

saying that since evil doesn’t harm it, it necessarily lives forever; saying that since it is not of the body it doesn’t die; all that and all that is well and well enough alone, but I counter with my own metahpor, saying you talk about IDEAS, Plato, surely you do, well how ’bout this IDEA — you put water, which has no shape, in a glass, and the water now has a shape: the shape of the glass. Break the glass, and the water loses its shape. Now the shape of the water, that’s a thing of the water; it’s not a thing of the glass; Glass is one thing, water another, and you could write things on the glass, or paint it black, or even crack it without disrupting the shape of the water. Nevertheless, the glass is necessary for the shape of the water to exist. Without the glass, there is no shape.

The soul is the shape of the water, our bodies the glass, our minds, the shape of the glass. There ain’t no free lunch, sister, and your soul is not immortal.