visions and snippets

by practicalspactical

The poor forgotten prostitute who plays a harp and sings – – who will sing a song for me? the sailors tight’ the rigging, the stars are in their eyes — aspied in the great distance, a raven with a sprig — does it come or does it come ago — on my chair behind my head is a sun half-hidden below the horizon — does it rise or does it set? Yet, I think it rises — darkness ending — with a little latin and less greek, William Shakespeare takes the stage, and does a dance for tenpence — Juliet and Romeo, waiting by the hour — line slips into line like day slips into years — and every time I make the journey home up and back the northeast corridor, my father’s bear gets a little grayer — one day you’ll be a whitebeard, and I’ll be the father — oh time real or illusion, to sit above the galaxy and watch it all go by, my feeting dangling in the milky way like Huck Finn on his raft — here I am dancing, tumbling, playing seventeen intruments with my fingers and thumbs — dance for me, time, dance for me shiva, destroy the world, renew it, sing me to sleep — eternity, says he, to frankie lee, you might call it paradise — I don’t call it anything, says frankie lee with a smile – the two witnesses riding on their horses —

I shall make you a holy nation, a nation of priest-kings — Priest-King and Philosopher-King, wrestling with each other as they fall into the Great Abyss — whoever lets go first loses all, for all eternity — what’s it all mean, Quinn, what’s it all mean — it’s not a house, it’s a home — glosses on what came before, cutting up newspaper and making poems out of it, like Stephanie, like Burroughs — cut-up, foul-up, throw-down at the hoe-down, President McCallister and the Parade of Horribles Jug Band, you ain’t my president, you ain’t my king, This ain’t a Western — Greek Tragedy — Aeschelus, Kaak Kaak Karaak Kaak — Jimmy Juiceman, write a riff for me, what’s the moral of this story, tale, song, one should never be where one does not belong, i want to be the New Bob Dylan, I want to shine like Aldebaran, You Great Blue Giant, Ancient Star, First and Last, Watcher of the East — Watchers of the East, Watchers of the North, who look down on women bathing and have fire in their hearts — I love you like I love me, and I love my lady too –sit with me awhile and all will be well — St. Agatha, St. Agatha, love me like you loved my mother — lovefeast of ancient oilheaded fishbearers, dripping oil on each other — I adopt you, says Old Father, I adopt you all, all may sit at my lovely table — set a table for me, keep a place for me, I may be gone but I won’t be long and I’m coming home, I’m coming home to you — I’m coming home to you