portrait of the artist’s desk at 9 pm on a saturday

by practicalspactical

pill box, change, and lighter; dog-chewed wallet, little ittle lightbulb shining, big black screens, all these ultramodern screens, the federal rules of civil procedure, my phone so you can call me, more pills, notebooks, pencils and pens, double-A batteries, gluten free granola I am eating for my dinner, little black speakers singing bob dylan songs to me, this black laptop-tabletop walking talking calculator-thingamajig, glowing, movie ticket from the winter, staples and stapler, ten thousand receipts, and other pieces of paper, my fingers typing, books, keys, bootleg Dylan cds, checkbook, iron man sports watch that’s been to Europe — these are things on my desk at 9 pm on a saturday, these are the things on my desk