The Boy with the Violin

by practicalspactical

Buskin and Batteau

There he sat, by the river, by the road
watching for an omen, waiting for the signal to begin
looking for a way out or a way to get back in
the boy with the violin

A gold Mercedes slowed down, pulled aside,
A golden lady opened the door and stepped into the night
She could see the silhouette of someone in the moonlight
A boy with a violin

She said “Boy, where you going, are you okay?
Would you like to travel my way?
If you need to lay down, I know where you can stay
Young boy with the violin

The boy said…

On the way to her mansion, he never said a word
The sound of a fallen teardrop
Was all the woman heard

So he lay in the guestroom he didn’t notice her come in
His eyes were far from what was happening
She pulled back the covers and she kissed his tender skin
The boy with the violin

She awoke in the morning
And she reached out her hand
Her fingers closed on no one
And she did not understand

But the window was wide open
There were footprints in the dew
In her heart she was hoping
But deep inside she knew