Why is a Building worth more than a Pile of Material?

by practicalspactical

A building is more useful. 

Difference is not the labor (because a different pile is not worth more than the original pile) but the results of the labor — i.e., a more useful pile. 

Socially useful labor. 

What goes into it?

(Architect) > Plans — useful plans; 

(Landowner) > Spot — a useful spot; 

(Capitalist) > Money — useful funding; 

(Laborer) > Labor — useful labor; 

(Coordinator) > Coordination — useful coordination; 

Plans + Land + Money + Coordinator + Laborer = PRODUCT

Divide the returns among the inputs according to supply/demand curve for each input. 


Question is not LTV, but why is the S/D curve for Labor so much worse than for the other functions? 

1. CAPITALISTS & CAPITAL are not concerned about subsistence; they can pay people now for future returns; Guy who brings lunch gets the gold


PLANNER/COORDINATOR knows how to appropriate slightly more wealth than the others; In other words, the IDEA-MAN keeps extra; But, by keeping extra, the IDEA-MAN becomes a CAPITAL-MAN, and in exchange for his capital to a new IDEA-MAN, CAPITAL-MAN demands a) IDEA-MAN shares information and b) CAPITAL-MAN gets an extra share; 

why are IDEA-MAN and CAPITAL-MAN trying to get more than an equal share? Because this is not a game, this is a war, and one rule is that YOU SHOULD NOT DIE FOR SOMEONE ELSE’S WAR, and the first rule is TRY NOT TO DIE IN YOUR WAR. 

(And because we never know what tomorrow will bring, and because in this world, money buys future subsistence, we want to accumulate as much as possible as insurance against death for us and ours.)

however, the Goal of Society is to End the War. 

The Slave Revolts

Improving the lives of slaves is in interest of masters as to minimize slave revolts. However, that interest would only extend to the amount of bread, circuses, and monopolization of violence necessary to minimize slave revolts to acceptable levels. 

The Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, and before, Exploitation & Domination were the explicit violent domination of bodies — life & death. Populations were at the mercy of military leaders who would rape, pillage & murder, and were dependent on like-members of militant class to protect from said raid, pillage, & murder. Wealth, privilege, and prestige flowed accordingly to the militant class. However, complete & total exploitation could not take place b/c ultimately, king could be killed. 

In a society based on violence, the threat of the underclass’ violence required that the underclass not be exploited into nothingness; again, however, the underclass would be given just enough bread, circuses, and deprived of just enough access to violence to minimize threat of revolution to acceptable levels;  

The Rise of Capitalist Society

capitalist society has lessened significantly the role of violence — the state has usurped a monopoly of violence. That peace has allowed for more productive projects. In these productive projects, POWER and PRESTIGE flows to those who can monopolize the means of production; 


The Rise of Automation

Automation is labor that has abstracted the human — it is capital that behaves like labor. Accordingly, labor’s position has weakened even further. 



First, what is the goal? Equality of Outcomes? 

Best goal would be for Man to be free from the War for Survival — enough food, enough leisure, enough health, enough happiness; a Post-Scarcity Society; 

why will Man continue to work in a post-scarcity society? Well, he likely won’t, but that’s ok; 

Basic Food is grown by machines and distributed free to all; 
Healthcare is provided free to all by doctors who are given the highest rewards in society [A GUARDIAN CLASS]; 
Homes are built by machines; 
Clothes are made by machines; 

Who builds the machines? Other machines; who makes sure the machines keep working? Engineers, who are given the highest rewards in society [A GUARDIAN CLASS] 

And who makes sure everything is coordinated and works? Coordinators. [A GUARDIAN CLASS]; 

the problem is of course that elites want to perpetuate their privileges for their children;

LOCAL-GOVERNMENTS should step in to coordinate to deal with supply shocks; otherwise, let the free-market appear to function. The Coordinators they hire to resolve this problem should be elevated into the GUARDIAN-CLASS and given all rewards; A SOCIAL MINIMUM is distributed to all CITIZENS & PERMANENT RESIDENTS. Immigrants can work, but are not eligible for SOCIAL WELFARE unless and until they can prove ASYLUM. NON-RESIDENTS’ social welfare costs will be billed to ORIGIN COUNTRY. SOCIAL-MINIMUM POLICY should be handled by lowest-competent government/ngo unit; 

Four child policy. Add’l children result in a ADD’L USE CHARGE. FREE CONTRACEPTION. Social Minimum just that, Social Minimum. Can’t go on vacation to Hawaii, etc., but can afford food, shelter, etc., occasional movie or restaurant or toy; WORK-LIFE IMPROVEMENT REQUIREMENTS. DRUG-TESTING, though failure to pass drug test results only in small fines. [Test showing that Small-Fines work better than large consequences]; 

SCHOOLS are computer-assisted; EQUAL; EXCELLENT; SAFE; children are taught MORALS, SKILLS, and INTELLECTUAL SUBJECTS. Older children are given work training, apprenticeships. 

GOVERNMENT should act as an EPISTEMO-NORMATIVE COORDINATOR/ENFORCER, discerning norms, enforcing proscriptions, and coordinating positive goal-seeking. 

Philosophy should be that all humans should be given the opportunity and abilities to pursue their own Reasonable/Respectful Conception of the Good, and being asked to contribute no more than is necessary to ensure that other humans are given the opportunity and abilities to do likewise. “ALL MEN MUST WORK TOGETHER TO BUILD THE DAM” // Weekday/Weekend Split — Common Pursuits vs Individual Pursuits; 

if we are in a war of all against all, why should we pursue Utopia? 

A) Because it is better/nicer to live in a world of justice than a world of injustice; (easier to enjoy your things if you know others are not suffering) (THE PARABLE OF THE CRONUT)

B) Because it is safer to live in a world of justice than a world of injustice; 

C) Because we can afford such a world; 

how do we get there?

Social Democracy or Revolution? 

likely, social democracy w/ tools of revolution/direct action to a) decommodify and b) marginalize, punish, and shame the exploiters