Morality + Power

by practicalspactical

Morality + Power = Law

Hart says that the law is divided into Primary Rules and Secondary Rules. It is also divided into the External View of the Law and the Internal View of the Law. 

Within that, there are a Rule of RecognitionRule of Change, and a Rule of Adjudication. 

Why does the society follow the Rule of Recognition? For normative reasons.

Morality is simply a Normative System. A Normative System (ought-statements) is a description of a possible world that is desired OR a description of a possible world that is commanded. 


e.g. God desires Prayer. Men are commanded to fulfill God’s desires. Men are commanded to pray.

In order to command, an entity must assume a position of authority over another entity. Authority is a relationship between two entities accepted by both entitites. // Can authority be imposed? No — a person can refuse to submit. Can authority be imposed? Yes — a person’s biology can compel submission.