From the Afterlife, by Paul Simon

by practicalspactical

“After you climb, up the ladder of time, the Lord God is near.
Face to face, in the vastness of space, your words disappear.
And you feel like swimming in an ocean of love, and the current is strong.
But all that remains when you try to explain is a fragment of song…
Lord is it, Be Bop A Lu La or Ooh Poppa Do
Lord, Be Bop A Lu La or Ooh Poppa Do
Be Bop A Lu La”

Sayeth I: and I, I, think back to my years of Jewish learning, and the legends of the Angels, which must all be elaborate unconscious dreams and metaphors, unknown as such even to the dreamers, and of the ascending ranks of beings, attendant upon the Great Majesty and think that this was a conception of Joy & Love, a Power so Overpowering, so much Greater than our small forms could contain and comprehend and understand that the essential wrongness, the litany and liturgy of error is a necessary part of a negative theology that can never know and comprehend the Face of God / The Universe As Universe / the Magical Energies that have bubbled forth this place and these eyes and these tragic sad blue eyed thoughts –

But they can try.

And humans speak, and the lesser angels speak, but the greater angels, closer to his countenance, do not speak, cannot speak, they can only sing 

And sing they do, and their song is more than song, it is love – drowning, overwhelming, beyond language, beyond thought, simple, true, undifferentiated, ecstatic, burning, fire & fire & fire –

and God sleeps, like a tree sleeps, but he sleeps restlessly, and his sleep encompasses all and we are his green dreams and the whole universe rests with and in love and death too is just another sleep, an end of pain, but not an end of love, and all we are will fall away until we stand before the heavenly choir who sing, sing wordlessly their ecstatic burning chant of love eternal burning without end