Eternity Syndrome

by practicalspactical

Man who comes down with a disease, that makes him think that all times are always now, and its sort of like amnesia, though he has some sense of memories, and as his life passes, it feels like time is not passing, that he is still always right now, even as his life gets filled with new people, people whose presense summons this this strange feeling he can only call love, yes, only call love, even as their faces take on new shapes, longer, and these small humans he loves and is responsible for, they become slightly larger humans, and they go out and leave his house and go have adventures of their own, wonderful, strange, sometimes sad, and sometimes scary, scarier and scarier, because when he looks out his window, it often looks like the world is getting scarier, a little darker, and it seems that the world is slipping out of control – whose control, he thinks he should ask himself sometimes – even as this timelessness disease continues, he is still just himself, always himself – and the woman beside him, the presnt and constant beauty a present and constant consolation for the strangeness he feels when he reflects on his disease — the strangeness he feels when he reflects on his disease –