The Enemy Named

by practicalspactical

“That said, I like that the greatest enemy this season is almost the passage of time itself. As things go on, we change and evolve. We become ever so slightly different, and maybe the people around us don’t see us in quite the same ways as they did. Right after Don realizes that Megan could be gone forever, he briefly remembers a time when the two of them were far happier, when he was returning from the trip to California with her and his kids, and she got the Beatles’ “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” stuck in his head. (This would have made a great closing credits song if I believed for a second this show could have afforded the rights.) That’s increasingly a memory in the distant past for him. No matter how the rest of their relationship proceeds—even if they stay married until one of them dies—they’re never going to be as happy as they were in that moment again. If they attain happiness, it’ll be a different kind of happiness. You fall in love. You learn more about each other. And then comes the first fight. And then another and another. Pretty soon, you don’t feel as flush with newness as you once did. And that’s when the true test of whether you’re going to stick the relationship out comes. Don and Megan are rapidly entering that stage, and it has both of them just a bit discombobulated.”

Todd VanDerWerff, 4.23.12,72637/