Sun and Shade

by practicalspactical

The sun shines over the mountain and into the valley. Part of the valley, that which lies beneath the mountain, is in shadow, occluded. Part is lit. Sun. The Sun moves. The part that it is obscured is revealed. The part that was revealed is obscured.

I look out before me and see only darkness. The darkness is the shadow of my own self against the light of existence. I turn around and face existence with my self, and there is no shadow, no darkness, no self, only the light.

Back. Forth. Self. Non-self. The Res Interna. The Res Externa.

Shadowbox. Blinding light. Only in the shadow of ourselves can we begin to outline and delimit the edges of existence. The phenomena. The Greater Light and the Lesser Light. The Greater Dark and the Lesser Dark. Sun and Moon.

All things change. All things changing. Time is change, change is time, not one thing, forever, but all things, passing. I am – no, I was – no, I am – in a boat on a river. I am 29. I am 14. My hand reaches down into the river. Many rivers. All different.

My father’s many rivers. Quiet chirp of animals. Snakes in the water. Swimming. Almost not, but here I am.