She says

by practicalspactical

Baby, this boy in Brooklyn makes me sad.

and I find, theodicy from theists:


Nice to know they don’t let the Good & Active Generative Force of the Universe (aka God) off the hook for this one.

I on the other one do, and simply say that in God’s mind and dream all things are possible, and that the Great Power has granted us free will, and leaves us to our devices, but with the evil, he has given us the means to fight it, to stamp it out, to heal it, and evil will persist, and beings, just like me, will always sometimes find themselves trapped in a dark and terrible and horrible and dwindling existence, one that shakes the very marrow of our bones, and in that extremity, we will pray for salvation, we will pray to be saved, and we will not get salvation, and we will not be saved, but nevertheless, our prayers will be heard, and until the moment the False Child or the Senseless Child rips us away from God and destroys our souls, we will nevertheless be in His Presence, and to have been in that Presence, in other words, to have Lived at all, will have to be sufficient paradise.

All souls sing, and all prayers are heard, and we carry the lifeforce of the universe in all of our souls, and though many songs are beautiful and only a few are dark, all songs are heard by God, and listened to, and loved, accordingly. V’Ahavta.

You shall love He That Brings Into Existence Whatever Exists, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might.