Lovers of the Gap

by practicalspactical

We are called upon, each to each, to be lovers of the gap —
The gap between myself and yourself —
Unknowable, unbridgeable —
Signals on two mountains — flashing. Flashing.
Huddled. Cold.
We are called upon to be lovers of the gap —
Calling across long valleys, with strong voices,
and hearing, not echoes, but response —

Though sometimes confusing responses for echoes,
we think ourselves the masters of all we see —
Lord and King of our dominions —

Lonely mountains, then.

But no. There are other mountains. Temporary whirlwinds.
The face of one, the face of many,
Not the same but different, though alike —
And across each likeness, the gap —

Which we are called upon to lovers be
Lovers of the gap