by practicalspactical

Marxism. Alienation of Work. Everybody has to serve somebody. The hollowing out.

The strange tension & frisson between Now & Then, and how the Young do not feel the push & pull of Now & Then so irrevocably, but only the perspective of a number of decades can give one that Spooky Action At A Distance — that Quantum Entanglement — that strange techne called Memory that imprints and records the Outer World even as the Outer World dissolves into mere imagination and becomes anything else.

So yes. Some of the Characters could be that. In terms of Moving Rocks. The Now & Then tension of a child, moving  rocks, on the beach (first memory of beach ever) — and then the young kid, doing homework or not doing homework and instead playing video games — and then the young working man — and the woman — and disappointment — and not disappointment — and the occasional night music — and the whitening in our beards — the endless new apartments — the flashbulb perfect memories of picture perfect days — me in black, her in white — sweat on forehead, pushing — kids — still, going to work — what have you accomplished by now — cold winds on autumn days, going to work again, ever after strange that you are not going to school —

Ten thousand biographies. Work, and life.