Biopower, and Abstraction

by practicalspactical

outlaw — placing yourself outside the protection of the law, and thereby allowing the State to use the full force its power & coercion against you — the right of the state to imprison or coerce is not so much a right as an aknowledgment that the criminal has declared war on the Body Politic by refusing to accept its sovereignty, and in return, the criminal has rejected the Politic’s own self-restrictions & protections normally granted to its citizenry.

Thus, in ancient times, before the Civilized World expanded to encompass the entire world, the traditional punishment was exile or outlawry. Today, where the Body Politic asserts its own comprehensiveness, outlaws are instead incarcerated & and placed in inverted wildernesses known as prisons, where the Body Politic sends its hunters to maintain its power and a different type of control than it exercises within the world behind the prison walls.