Wittgenstein’s Tractatus, 1, initial thoughts

by practicalspactical

Childhood question: do we think in English?

The answer to that one can be bypassed and go straight to Go, which says we think in propositions, in logical relationships; and then laying on the couch, looking, I realize that the senses use a language as well, and they too speak in structured logical relationships and language replicates that same formal structure —

But … is that right? Or is it simply my understanding of the sense data that has the logic, and that logic might be perverse, contingent, and structured by the human mind —

Not to say that it is strongly contingent, like eyes evolving at all, there may be strong reasons based on the facts of the universe that our understanding of sense-data would take a certain form – nevertheless, it is possible that the logical relationships we overlay onto the raw sense-data in some was structures what we see.

Nevertheless — is there an implication of communicability — that since language mimics and repeats the logical structure of our own sense-interpretation of the world, shared language and communication at least weakly rebuts solipsism since:

1) others have and are able to manipulate this same logical framework/language we use;
which 2) implies that their sense-interpretations of the world are analogous to our own.