J/S Story Idea – 1. The Sky is Seduced by the Earth

by practicalspactical

Mythopoetic Structure — stories in which the female seduce/entrap/ensnare the male ; stories in which the spiritual is encapsulated by the physical — the mind is placed in the body;

Conceit is that the Lyric Hero believes himself all head, all eyes, all thought, and nevertheless yearns for a single touch that will make him whole, that will give holy reality to his body, nevertheless also fearing what such an incarnation might mean, being trapped in a body, too heavy to fly away like the Little Prince, but knowing without knowing that he is trapped in his body anyway, even though he can’t feel it — Freud writing about the Ego, without love, choking on itself — the strange act of God impregnating Mary and thus becoming Christ —

These are his strange preoccupations, the Lyric Heroe’s, said, and unsaid.

Against that, the Strange Other, the Unknowable Other, the apprehension of Otherness and the Beauty of Concordicity, and the Encounter with the Other Mind, and this Other Mind is real, and earth, and warm, and she lays a trap and enchants him with words and songs, and then a single touch, on his wrist and all the years of his monastic virginity fall away —

She is interesting, and beautiful, but most of all worldly and experienced, having existed clearly — her own first time, somewhere else, when she became a body, her own stabbing, prick of agenbite, never to come again, the time, and the time before, and the almost sex she had with someone else, a ghost, the Ghost of Michael Furey, but she has absorbed it all, emerged from that, Foamdaughter, the Wisechild, the Huntress, all of them, each woman is every goddess, each man, every god, and some of those too —

And the scene will be a bar in a city in a time when the world itself spins faster and faster out of root, but in their encounter they reenanct and recreate and resustain the entire turning of the universe, of being here at all.

And thus, the meeting of Sky and Earth — and a research project of what came out of that.

We’ll see how long it takes to get this out. May need to break it up into subsections. But 8000-10,000 words seems right. Chunks of 1000s? See how that goes.

1) The meeting 2) the why he’s there; 3) what she says to him; 4) what he thinks of what she says to him; 5) what he says to her; 6) what he thinks about what he says to her; 6) what she thinks about what he says to her; 7) who she is; 8) his long loneliness; 9) they’re river of conversation; 10) the touch; 11) the change in him;

And the structure, the layers of the game:

A) The Empricical/Material/External World; B) His InternalLifeOfMemory; C) His InternalLifeOfSymbol; D) The TranscendentWorldOfSymbol; E) HerInternalLifeOfMemory; F) HerInternalLifeOfSymbol; G) HimReadingItasText; H) UsReadingItAsText; I)TheSecretWorldOfColor/Feeling