Life Assignment, March 27, 2010: Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

by practicalspactical

1. Biomusicology, the Tyranny of Distance, 2001

2. The Sons of Cain, Living with the Living, 2007

  • “The Sons of Cain” is one of the better examples of his skill here: Its driving cowpunk finds flashes of Chuck Berry in Leo’s licks, handclaps, and a sharp piano run tucked neatly in the mix, plus some ecstatic, throat-shredding whooping at the climax.”

3. Who Do You Love, Living with the Living, 2007

  • “Joe Strummer would appreciate the riffs on “Who Do You Love?”, which climaxes in a stirring outro straight out of “Safe European Home” and indulges Leo’s own mannerisms to great effect.” Id.
  • “And so goes the most of our freedom of speech: We live for the city, we work for the beach
    And when the weekend seems to be just out of reach / Just make the most of what you’re paid, dear
    Your love’s a ghost, and that’s why we’re delayed here”

4. The Mighty Sparrow, The Brutalist Bricks, 2010