Empty Stomach Morning Waiting

by practicalspactical

The question — out there — emailed — could not phone — the great weight of future contingents pressed against my mind — waiting — did I do everything right? Gutted candles? Flames? The resolution of binary opposites. No. Yes. Why not Yes. Say Yes. Yes.

The trick — what’s the trick — the trick is to stand on the cliffs and jump. The trick is to take the blows of the world, and still stand, laughing, joyous — I was Edward Yellow, Knight of the Dolorous Face. But we are always naming — new names are possible — Isaiah, other name of mine — Isaiah Red — of the Joyous Guard.

If her, then her. If not her, another. Duty resolves to beauty. As the trees resleeve, my limbs too add sinew. Dust-body falls away, fresh green stretches. Hasn’t happened yet. Hungry. Headache forming. But will. But will. Has to. Swim. Stand on the edge of the cliff and wait to jump.