Date on the High Line with Three Buck Chuck

by practicalspactical

While it is certainly natural that someone resorting to Internet Dating Services will have to, as it were, cast their net wide, one wonders how many successful JDates in Manhattan in the summer and fall of 2009 involved a “picnic on the High Line” with a bottle of “three buck chuck,” name-dropping Chelsea, Trader Joe’s, and possibly the New Yorker in one ad.

And that said, she’s one of the more compelling ones —

the problem with Manhattan is that smart, ambitious, half-thoughful people all gravitate here, like salmon upriver, only to find themselves on the last page of the Great Waldo Search, surrounded by a sea of red and white stripes. Hard to find the one-socked soulmate, and frankly, starts to grate at the significance of your own poor miserable existence.