Strange Dreams in New York City

by practicalspactical

Had strange dreams as soon as I returned to New York City. Went to bed around 3 AM Eastern. Almost immediately was in a deeply strong lucid dream — first of all, all the folks from the festival were back, having conversations, talking, there in the fields or the room or something and was I in my bed or in a tent in California — strong strong lucidity — and overflow of reality pushing down on my cavern —

later — a hero in a strange city — enemies everywhere — allies elsewhere — not sure where —

later — a dark haired girl — the one I love — or not — before me — suddenly she’s naked and so am I — I embrace her, feeling her substantiality in my hands — I am dreaming, I know — how is this happening? Struggling struggling I wake myself up — yes — a dream — a dream —

later — same story, but I’m a different hero — the young prince many years earlier — sneaking with my sister through the underground cellars of our family mansion — trying not to be discovered —

later — navigating great architectures — headed for the magistrate — casting aspersions on our driver — dangling from chasms into great unknowns — jumping across broken stair cases — looking out on great arenas full of people — bright lights — bright lights —

where is my mind?