Brian Eno’s Big Ship

by practicalspactical

After darkness, light. After storms, calm. As we the living move through these great and mighty histories, after moments of ignorance and confusion and chaos, in the quiet stillness, there are moments of clarity and reflection — when the raging ceases, and we can look out, and take the measure of our view and know where we stand.

My father has a recurring dream where he is climbing a mountain. Always climbing.

Every generation must find this quiet moment for themselves. And as soon as it is found, History restarts its relentless march. And yet – after the calm is gone, traces of the calm remain. Memories of the calm remain.

(Interpolation from Day 9971: Zen by way of Kerouac says: when you get to the top of the mountain, keep climbing)

I have been sailing dark and windy seas. Much has been given to me, and much has been taken from me. I am ragged. I am naked. I am scared.

But I am calm.