by practicalspactical

Is it fair that school, through testing, is reduced to a game? That the purpose of education has reduced itself to credentialing for the employers instead of learning and skill-building for individuals? Obama, with heart in the right face, is not able or willing to question the fundamentals of the system.

Are our children learning? (sic) Children learn in different ways and different paces — we teach them things they ought to know — about themselves, about their common race, about the world they find themselves in — and yet, all that becomes irrelevant, and very quickly the love of learning is replaced with the game of testing, where everything serves something else, and so on and so on —

Why should we punish the slow? Because time is money? I’ll throw you back your thirty pieces of silver. What happens to the self-esteem of someone who does not do well? They’ll stop caring about something, either themselves or school, that I’ll wager.

Something must change. The trouble is not in our stars but in ourselves.