Each Against All Competition

by practicalspactical

Marx said: “Each against all competition is antithetical to the idea of society and therefore sets up a contradiction or historical dynamic which over time is resolved in favour of the class with the greatest ability to act in its own rational self interest.”

From Wikipedia, False Consciousness

Question: Is Marx saying that unfettered competition destabilizes society to the point that the winners must then swoop in and reimpose order and constraints upon the workings of society? Since competition/capitalism does create wealth in extraordinary measures (which Marx aknowledges elsewhere), someone must control it. The question, as always, is who. Does our democracy, tempered with the “probability of upward mobility” meme in the minds of the non-winners, begin to provide an answer. When the “POUM” is bullshit, the proletariat is fooling themselves and working to create Other’s Wealth OR will get wise and press for Redistribution. When the POUM is real, Rawlsian bargaining will tip to favor wealth maximization.

Further Investigation: POUM as a critical factor in determining what kind of society is formed.