TV Review: Darren Arronofsky, Director

by practicalspactical

Subjective Film-making. Doesn’t matter what drug you’re taking: Anything can be a drug. Ellen Burstyn: addicted to this dream, food, television, anxiety pills which the doctors give her. With Pi, one actor hanging out with for the entire time. Hip-hop sensibility, quick cuts, samples, show the subjectivity. Pi, the obsessive compulsive turning of locks. — Fall is Green. Summer is Yellow. Winter is Blue. The Journey you’re going on. 20 second love scene >> 4 hours of filming. The montage of drug taking (sounds in the background, ending with the wide eye). He is an intensely creative director. Clearly has a tragic disposition. Like him, I believe that Life is Tragic. Is this what we like about Tragedy? The Sacred Resonance between the actions on the stage and the pattern of our Lives? Does Postmodernism have room for Tragedy? Clearly — Beckett’s Endgame. Requiem. Postmodern is very often very tragical — since it lends itself to an intense exploration of the Trapped — of the Rats in the Maze — of the Confusion.