Thoughts while Showering, 2/9

by practicalspactical

1. America as a Counter-experiment to Marx’s View of History in Europe. 2. Writing a great history of the 1700s, 1800s, and 1900s – the course of 3 lives >>> American Revolution, French, Russian >>> how we got there. 3. Why start in 1700? What about the Wars of Religion? What about the Reformation? The Past 500 Years >> Dawn to Decadence >> a Liminal Transition State. 4. We are now entering another Transition State >> 5. Reason I wanted to work for a major law firm was so I could be a part of that creation of history. Now, with recession, that Global Dynamic is in retreat, and specifically, I am barred from entering that world >> answer: think global, act local? Or go global? 6. America in the Great Depression turned inward for a generation; existed at a resting state until a generation passed, people looked around and asked why they were being underutilized? America, in the Wilderness >> Nation of Israel in the Desert >> Jesus in the Desert. 7. My own time in the Wilderness >>> Elsewhere, B21 >>> we live our lives in the wilderness 8. The strange state of Mitdasein