The New Boss

by practicalspactical

Same as the old boss. Maggie’s farm. F-22 vanguards flying low over the desert. The Great Game we play — great big GoogleEarth chessboard, with the countries colored in with different colors. Young Prince Blessing, what will you change? What will do now, We Young Americans? Continue to munch away at our Chicken McNuggets and our Burger McBurgers and our Milkshake McMilkshakes — ironic — Chicken, Son of the Nugget, Ancient Hibernian. Scream the Nightmare History playing itself in your bonetheater — the World is out there, Screaming. Same boss, same old boss, the world is old & sick& dying in seven different ways — the pounding at my head — is it Wisdom breaking out, come Vulcan with your Hammer. Rage, rage against the dying of the light machine, rage against the injustice and the poverty and the inequitable moneymachine which is the only way the thing ever works — Freedom to Starve — too many people only have the Freedom to Starve