Slumdog Millionaire – Review

by practicalspactical

India is the world, and the world is India — rich and poor, poor gathered around the rich — it’s turtles all the way down, the old woman said — people standing on top of each of other, pushing each other down, grasping for straws, climbing up for air — death and filth — but love, true love, slumdogs, rat bastards, liars and thieves, the hope of other days, he will guess the answer, it is written, time, destiny, the skeins of our lives pulled long across the days into years, we are unable to read the patterns written in those tapestries — boy beats dog and man beats boy — written poems — great large skyscraper condo towers, rising up above where slums use to stand — Athos, and Porthos and …. shitdive at the beginning, internal homage — dance with me at the end of the story, my true heart, ani l’dodi, v’dodi li — God is Great, they say — God is Great — There is One God, and He Loves Each and Everyone of Our Precious Moments, and mourns our deaths as we slip out of the world — the world where God lives — destiny, and stars, and reaching out and making it for onesself — loose ends, the story of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, how he got on the show — Twelve Questions — and in them, the Chance for a Better Life — Once, the World was Young, and One Day, it will be Young Again.