by practicalspactical

In the Fall of 2008, Edward Yellow slowly lost his mind. He had moved to New York City in August, changing horses in midstream, transferring out of the middle-tier law school he had done so well at to attempt to graduate from a more prestigious one situated on the lower half of the island of Manhattan. He arrived in a whirlwind, barely having time to say goodbye to all the friends he hadn’t bothered to see that summer. He found a small room in a small apartment on Craigslist. He stayed for a couple of weeks at his aunt’s apartment while she was away traveling, before the lease on the small apartment began.

His girlfriend was headed for Connecticut to study psychology. On the weekends he took the train to see her.

As the weeks went on, he would put on one of his two suits, tie his tie and go interview at large law firms. He tried to smile, but found their questions off-putting. He struggled to explain what he was doing there, why he deserved to be hired, paid so much money. He was not persuasive. The firms did not call. As October dawned, he realized he had struck out – his purpose in coming to law school had been thwarted. After this — he could feel the deep turbulence of his soul come welling up — he tried to keep it pinned down for a moment, knowing that if he despaired, he would be done for, and as best he could, he picked himself up to try again, to start a second round of job searching, even as the wider economy went into a freefall, even as his father called him two weeks later to tell him that he had lost his job —