Name Game

by practicalspactical

stephoscopes: i am not on facebook so i cannot be your friend there

i am sorry but happy to say hi!

Josh: I see

stephoscopes: how are you?

Josh: ok

how are you?

stephoscopes: ok its raining a LOT

that makes the windows sad

Josh: I’ve been mythologizing and romanticizing you guys quite a a lot lately

stephoscopes: but it will be new years soon

Josh: it will

stephoscopes: are you coming to new years

yes we represent that for many people
you are always welcome to come back and live the fiction!

Josh: thanks

stephoscopes: its wack

Josh: I’ve plotted it out a couple times

stephoscopes: the fire marshal is on our ass right now so there might not be beds for a couple of months

Josh: well, might be for the best, considering the cold

I think I stayed cold for like two years after that

stephoscopes: yeah, its good, i have a little house!

it was so cold we dont do that shit anymore

Josh: I deduced some intimation of such

stephoscopes: come to new years are you coming?

Josh: oh, I have a prior obligation

stephoscopes: in the tropics?

Josh: unfortunately no

stephoscopes: bumzo

Josh: I’ll be acking out a teen horror movie in the poconos

I’d like to come
I’ve proposed it to the GF

stephoscopes: oh blood capsules

whats GF

Josh: the Significant Other

the Lady Friend

stephoscopes: oh….the g.f.

Josh: yes

stephoscopes: let me guess her name


Josh: no

but a good guess

stephoscopes: emily

Josh: no, but that’s nice

stephoscopes: dara

Josh: no

stephoscopes: katie

Josh: no

stephoscopes: danielle

Josh: no

stephoscopes: michelle

Josh: no

stephoscopes: rochelle

Josh: no

stephoscopes: jenna

Josh: no, but sounds like

stephoscopes: sarah!


Josh: not that close

do you give up?

stephoscopes: no HOLD


Josh: Bob


stephoscopes: lemer

Josh: no

stephoscopes: ummm


Josh: again

but no
a derivative, apparently

stephoscopes: pannera

Josh: no

stephoscopes: hm this is hard

isabella would be so nice!

Josh: that would be

stephoscopes: heather

Josh: I was fixed up with an Isabel once

stephoscopes: naomi

Josh: no

stephoscopes: ew

sorry about that

Josh: no, I was game

I was like 16
it was a friends-fixup
not a moms-fixup

stephoscopes: what about johanna

Josh: no

stephoscopes: does it start with an h

Josh: if you chop off the top part

stephoscopes: ANNA!


Josh: closer

stephoscopes: banana!

Josh: it would come up in the name game of banana

stephoscopes: tanna

Josh: colder

stephoscopes: danna

Josh: colder

stephoscopes: fanna

Josh: say nanna


stephoscopes: nama

Josh: warmer

stephoscopes: sanna


Josh: colder

stephoscopes: lanna

Josh: no

stephoscopes: elinor

with one n

Josh: warmer

but too few letters by one

stephoscopes: barbara


Josh: no

stephoscopes: anla

Josh: no

super cold

stephoscopes: is it the first letter

im getting anxious
im already anxious!

Josh: that’s funny

she’s an anxious girl

stephoscopes: see

Josh: it’s contagious

stephoscopes: everything is

Josh: yes

the nature of things

stephoscopes: more clues

Josh: a weather pattern over the Pacific

stephoscopes: katrina!

Josh: that was the gulf

but rhymes with

stephoscopes: julie

Josh: wrong

stephoscopes: hawaii

rain hurricaine

Josh: no

stephoscopes: what patterns

Josh: temperature patterns

stephoscopes: colder


Josh: yes

stephoscopes: mmmmmmm

dark green

Josh: oh

she was a boat once

stephoscopes: canoe


Josh: no

she was going on a trip to India
but she wanted to take a shortcut
wound up here instead
long story short
no more indians

stephoscopes: yarn

Josh: close

but no

stephoscopes: annie

Josh: I could call her that

stephoscopes: ann

Josh: all the same in Hebrew

stephoscopes: is that it?

Josh: no

stephoscopes: anni

Josh: anagram of

stephoscopes: nina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh: yes


this is so great

Josh: it was

tests the solipsist hypothesis as well

stephoscopes: i feel like i just finished a race and I GOOOOOOOOOOOOTTT THERE

Josh: congratulations

stephoscopes: but i will talk to you soon come to the next time

thank you for that wonderful game

Josh: maybe after new years

it will be going on my blog

stephoscopes: yes everyone returns

good teen horror yes more cookies

Josh: you too

stephoscopes: happy rest of!

Josh: say hello to the troopers

stephoscopes: will do.


Josh: bye Steph

stephoscopes: bye bye josh