Flying back from Florida looking at the city lights below

by practicalspactical

A couple years ago (three actually) (seems like forever, so many changes) I was on a business trip to Orlando, and was delayed by snow and had to fly back at night — it’s a three hour trip, Florida to Philadelphia, but I remember that the sky was clear the entire way back north, and I could look down, at the land below, and see the great strings of orange lights representing the cities and roads of the Great Eastern Seaboard — I remember flying over the Eastern shore of Maryland, and seeing the great cluster of light that was either Washington or Annapolis to my left — and then, flying low over the Altantic Ocean, passing the casinos and boardwarks of Atlantic City which I could see from the window — until I came back to my home, to Philadelphia. There I was. Waiting for the world to begin. Halfway through it.