The pathologization of poverty

by practicalspactical,+Maine+incest&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=13&gl=us

> Middle class repulsion to the poor; the poor are weak, lazy, addicted;

> I feel it myself — the great discomfort and fear I feel when faced with those less privileged than I am. Do they want what I want? Do they dislike me out of jealousy? Deeper questions too — such as why I’ve gotten the privileges I’ve gotten, how many backs have I tread on and climbed upon to get to where I am — a great discomfort and anxiety — it’s a true one — and the only answer may be to look back, to return to the masses, not out of guilt, but out of solidarity, to accept the responsibility that the only justification for my gifts are that they be returned to the good of the community. Helping in some way the common weal.