so onwards and overwards and upside down and inside out

by practicalspactical

Here it is–it goes, the world, the with, the harbinger–this is a change election–pitbulls scream “lipstick”–the great unwashed mass in high school gyms and utter epithets–somewhere, rich white gentlemen and ladies wash their hands twice after walking in the door, and count their guineas, once, twice–here’s to the brave ones, the poor ones, the true Americans, the real Americans, Jefferson’s Americans, the union worker working eighty hours a week without health insurance–the nurse–the teacher–the small businessowner with his shop and two employees–this election is for them–this election is about choosing, about choosing a new path, a new structure, favoring the little over the big, recognizing that the Exxon Mobils and the George Bushes of the world don’t need any help, because they’re doing fine, but Americans, real Americans, the Great Middle Class, that great class that has risen as if from a Marxist dream to be the last great hope of the world–they need help, and they need to become something better, the greatest source of innovation and happiness in the world–John McCain won’t do it–maybe Obama will–maybe he will–but he’s our only hope. Only hope.