I. The Senseless Act

by practicalspactical

Humans are just monkeys, and monkeys aren’t smart. One monkey, particularly dumb, unweighing of consequences, short-sighted, in pain, jealous, rises up, takes a weapon, easily obtained, and shoves it into the soft underbelly of a smarter man who does not expect to die.

The pain is sweet in the smart man’s mouth, sweet and unexpected, his head is light, looking down at his shirt and watching the blood bloom out — and then the pain becomes unbearable and the man slumps down — looks up at the dumb one, dumb one looking back — smart man begins calculating at breakneck speed, trying to rationalize his way out of his predicament, trying to identify the chain of mistakes that led him to this moment, dying on the sidewalk. He feels hands going through his pocket, grabbing a music player, and a wallet. He tries to speak but cannot muster the strength — it’s becoming increasingly hard to think, though he realizes what is happening, realizes he is dying, the fear is overwhelming his rational mind, still, grasping, hoping, maybe an ambulance will come — maybe someone will see — but no, the street is empty and he is bleeding quickly —

He reaches out and trys to grab the dumb one’s arm but doesn’t have the strength. The dumb one slinks away from what he did, from his brother on the ground, the voice of your brother sings, he thinks, old sundayschool memory, and he runs into the shadows.

The fear overwelms the smart one; it goes, it goes, it goes, he thinks of his wife, his children, his parents, he thinks of them again, trying to hold on to that, tears running down his head, maybe maybe maybe he’ll be ok, screaming, screaming if he could, he goes, he goes, he goes, oh, oh, oh, oh, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts oh it hurts oh it hurts oh it hurts so much angie angie oh it hurts angie come back to me oh angie come back come back oh oh oh oh oh