Civilization is the process of reducing the infinite to the finite.

by practicalspactical

And so we go again, always reducing, never seeing the whole picture, constrained by the parallaxical view, the limited perspective of only being able to see 2 twelve billionths of the whole damn thing, the great big mitdasein wherewithall socialgrouphug — and take bath of music, and cleanse your soul — clear your eyes, no mistake, and whatever you do, don’t run away from love, accept it, because we’re breaking down and breaking off as we speak, static gathering like free radicals in our bloodstream, but love, love is real and amazing and without explanation or cause or reason and real true love, that’s the infinite, that’s the whole thing, that’s irreducible, the whole picture, the panorama, four corners, Western skies, and word puzzles don’t tell it, and riddles won’t show it, and you can’t out-think, you just got to live it, accept it, surrender, mullah, mullah, omar, open yourself up to it, and doubt it, rock on through, but love comes first, loves comes first, love comes first, love comes first.