the kenning

by practicalspactical

Circumlocutions of thought / dodges to keep myself entertained / I write to delight my self /
transcend get beyond the self / but these are the eyes of the world / and other eyes will come after /
seeing the same things and different things / and I think they will love themselves like I love myself /

We dream of apocalypse, as the barbarians bang spears against the Bronze doors / see with sharper eyes / today what did I see / a vast expanse from a fourteenth floor / a book of laws to kill with / children with puppies / walking / picking cotton /

Got off work at 3 o’clock / night-classes/ half-heard eavesdropping / jumphopping / over the undertow / in through the outdoor / Child Rowland to the dark tower came / Tom O’Bedlam sings a song / Old Tom is cold is cold is cold /

The Kenning / Gunner’s Mount / Son of Loki / Californian Empire / ‘This is our time’ / Jimmy Carter George Bush John McCain Barack Obama / Wretching lurching into the the Underveld / woldwalkers / break wind against this beaten brow / the young man feeling cold whispers / ungodly heat / in two more days it will kill / spot the jew, my mother plays / good enough for government work / “the trick,” my father says, “is to get as most money for as little work as possible” / Berlin Alexanderplatz / my mother sees anti-semites everywhichwere / the meat turned foul / massive foreclosures /

I bear the scars of my slavery in my genepool / they bear the scars of their slavery in theirs / I am truly exceedingly clever, as I was bred for / the chosen whites, less clever, some, none so clever as me / darkness stress of undone labors, whispering maddening murmurs in the corners of my brain / I have no room / pent-up in a nutshell / white privilege / love of money / are you out of your fucking mind? / mostly really great / could have been shorter / just repeating my mother’s phone conversations now / Arthur Ashe Tennis Co. / Education Directors / wonderful feedback / boardmembers, boardsurfers / is this writing / secret eyes / taking notes with their eyes / his son raved about how wonderful it was / wonderful wonderful /

fucked up dinner, but we’ll still be fed / God Bless America and God Bless the Dead.