color of the day — garden green

by practicalspactical

garden green — strong, deep, responsible — people feel your power when you walk in a room — dark and quiet strength — strong sense of purpose — teleos fortus — deep, understands ideas & complex feelings — you are ambitious and driven when you set your sights on a goal — corresponds to peace and depth — healthy and harmonious —

God planted a garden eastward in Eden // when the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden / I am an old man but a young gardener / and God gave us memories so we can have roses in december // deep and dark earthy green singing of ancient eternity, land before time, rain falls down for forty days and then the Earth bursts forth in full garden green — Earth, Tellus, Garden Planet, hold it close and tend the garden, the shared garden and the secret one, and in closed groves, breath deep, inhale, and void the edges of Mayic illusiagrams.

My father keeps a garden, and once upon a button he took me back there and handed me some seeds to plant // later in the summer, great huge cornstalks had sprung up, filling up our tiny patch of land // and yet the Green Livingness sang and the ones I planted they were my children