color of the day — ‘green eyes’

by practicalspactical

green eyes – sensual, friendly, successful – PANTONE 16-0224

// you are sensual and friendly and are a desired addition to any social gathering / you are fun to be around / talking and connecting with others is a favorite pastime of yours / you can be very scienfitifc or extremely creative and usually have a knack for both / your personal color helps nurture your creative talents / wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with the color Green Eyes can help direct you toward finding your perfect mate and temper any inclinations to go to excess //

… across a crowded room, green eyes I’ve known in darkness flash and smile at me … to be known in darkness, to apprehend another’s eyes … endless depths, darkness and light … mixed and laughing … know and love me … sitting alone … once I lived on the edge of my eyes … out there looking and searching … and then finding or thinking I’ve found I stop searching … turn inwards or downwards … distracted by beauty and being loved … staring at greenleaves watching my heart grow … ivy wrapping around my heartstuff … beautiful romantic greenness … fingers and claws of slothbears … a beautiful girl smiling, with a grass woven garland … you’re my beautiful girl, NS, you are … green eyes … music in the background, ingènue … stock character, gentle sweet virgin, due to lack of independence … the male gaze and the female spectator … developing the female gaze … gives away or special pleadings … talking and connecting with others … playing with virtual chesspieces dancing around in the mindspace … ‘i’m just a girl’ … children on the train, burning youth fire and unformed faces … wait a moment and watch someone fall off the end of the world, that will put a line on your face … but we know God and God knows us … favorite american pastime, green grass, baseball pitch … standing down on the corner of royal street … these are the green green eyes, sing me a song of green green eyes, soak your shirt in the washbin and get yourself all clean …