things I know

by practicalspactical

I know how to decorate my room with art and posters, how to hang a picture frame
I know how to go in a bookstore and browse through the racks come out richer
I know what’s good and I know what isn’t
I know beauty when I see it and I know goodness and I know strength
I can tell the difference between medicine and the drug
I can tell the difference between the waking and the dreaming
I know a song when I hear one, yeah I do
I know when I’m being lied to, and I know when I’m lying
I know what it’s like to leave and be left
I know death, I tasted it

one thousand pictures and one million words aren’t worth a secret

can’t buy me love

there are streets out there where no one speaks the language

take me, Kagan, to the spaces between